cover_brownbook1Here is an online version of The Brown Book put together by former Chair, the irrepressible Dr Ella Henry and the lovely and legendary Melissa Wikaire. It is a superb collection of both the history and a guide to working with Māori in Screen Production.

It added content to the previous work called Working with Māori in Screen Production (2012). That book was a companion volume to Te Urutahi Koataata: Working with Māori in Film and Television (2008), written by the very knowledgeable Bradford Haami. It is a more comprehensive guide which is currently available in libraries, though we will see about getting the content online.

Use it to prepare yourself and then get in touch to get your project up and going. This will continue to be updated. (There is a link to a PDF of the original Brown Book below along with Working with Māori in Screen Production.)

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